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Here’s where you’ll find player stats from every episode of The Big Game.

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Poker is a game of strategy, and we know you like stats. That’s why we are giving you all the facts and figures from every episode in both seasons of the show. Not only do you get to find out who was in profit and who was in the red, you also get to see who played the most hands, which players were the most aggressive, the average pot size and much more.

These are ground-breaking stats that you wouldn’t normally get to see on a TV show, especially in a televised cash game. It’s the perfect way to find out how the Loose Cannon qualifiers performed against the legends of poker. It’s also a great way to get inside the mind of the high-stakes pros and analyze their decision-making processes. This makes it ideal for getting expert tips from the pros, and learning how to win big in your own games!

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